Thailand - Photo Documentary Part 1 - Bangkok

November 2016 myself and my fiancee' Emma set of to Thailand for 16 nights. It is one country that has made a lasting impression on myself and was my first real experience of Asia. Before we set off, I must admit that I was slightly nervous about the journey that lay ahead, fear of the unknown. The long ruling King Bhumibol Adulyadej died one month before we departed and the country had just went into mourning, the media was reporting possible unrest in the region and many tourist events were being cancelled all over the country. Even though the country was in mourning Thailand was beautiful in every way possible, the people, the food, the landscape, the hospitality and the fellow travellers we met along the journey.  Travelling gives me an opportunity to shoot in ways that I wouldn't normally do at weddings, I point and shoot and don't look through the camera. Its a freedom and the results are pleasantly surprising.

This is Bangkok. 

P.S  i'm not a writer...

Thailand Photography Blog Andrew McKenna


The Maeklong Railway Market & Damnoen Saduak floating market. 

Our trip began on the first day with a pre booked private tour to the Damnoen Saduak floating market.  It's Thailand biggest and most popular floating market about an hours drive outside Bangkok.  I had the best coffee of my life here, It cost me 7p in GBP from a street vendor. 

Chinatown Bangkok

What can I say about this street.. Bonkers! We had dinner here with a drink for around £1.20 each. 

The grand palace and wat arun temple

Think we chose what felt like the hottest day on earth to visit the Grand Palace in Bangkok. Not only was it extremely hot and clammy The Grand Palace was hiving due to the Thai people paying their respects to their late King.  This was not a forced tribute by any means, the Thai people were genuinely grieving for their late King and it was truly humbling to visit the Grand Palace at this time.  You will notice the Thai people all wearing black in the photos.  What an expeirence.